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Himalayan salt lamps have wonderful air purifying properties. It works like this... The salt lamp attracts moisture from the air to the salty surface, where, due to warmth from the light, it evaporates. This evaporation process creates negative ions. You may have seen some quite expensive electronic home units that electrically produce negative ions to create a healthier home environment. I personally used two Hitachi ones - if only I had known about Himalayan Salt lamps then.... Oh my, I could have saved a fortune on buying them and running costs afterwards. But they worked!! Now its a house full of beautiful pink salt lamps of all shapes. A lot healthier, a lot cheaper, a lot more beautiful and friendly to everyones environment.

Beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps
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So how do these invisible ions work? Our air is full of pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, allergen and other nasties. But, they are all charged with a positive charge enabling them to float and be suspended in the air around us.

So when the positive ions meet the negative ones constantly flowing from your salt lamp.. zap... The positive ions get neutralized by the negative ions and lose the ability to remain suspended. Result, your breathing cleaner air.

But thats just the stuff floating around in the air, theres a newer danger in our airspace, Emfs (electromagnetic frequencies). Mobile technology being main contributer.. mobile phones, wireless this and that, computers, monitors etc .. we are surrounded by it all 24/7. We are starting to understand that cancers can be created from over exposure to high voltage cables and mobile phone transmitter radiation.

Your mobile is only couple watts of radiation as opposed to a 600 watt microwave that would fry you in seconds, but any wattage or any type of radiation is certainly not healthy for you. Especially with a few thousand watts from that mobile tower stuck on top the block of flats or other residential areas

Theres growing evidence from research by eminent professionals that Emfs contribute to cancers and disease. Something the mobile phone operators have been fiercely contesting for years ... hmm. wonder why? The point to all this is that those negative ions given off by your friendly salt lamp could greatly reduce the damage of those nasty toxin ridden positively charged ions.